Dramatic New Video of Japan Tsunami

16 Apr , 2013   Video

Movie of tsunami captured in Japan with title Dramatic New Video of Japan Tsunami. This footage is the result from an eartquake in Japan. Dramatic New Video of Japan Tsunami attacking Minami-Sanriku.

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  1. Badoory says:

    Molly, I have read your blog for a few months now and have not pesotd anything yet but I have tried and loved many of your recipes. I felt compelled to post tonight. My sister-in- law is Japanese and lives in the UK (as do I). Her family are all in Japan and we waited with baited breath on Friday to see if they were all ok and thank God that they are, but thousands of others are not so lucky. I’ve cried watching it on TV and reading about it in the newspapers. We all need to do whatever we can – my very small gesture has been to offer to take some time off work to look after the 4 children so that she can fly over to look after her parents. I will also donate to the Red Cross. I salute the man who floated on his roof for two days out in the Pacific Ocean. His courage humbles me. Thank you for your post x

  2. Shubham says:

    We are certainly tniyrg here. There are a lot of Japanese tourists here who just want to go home, and I know that airlines, staff, consulates, etc are doing everything they can to make this happen. These are people who don’t know if they have a home to go home to, or if their loved ones are OK. I encourage everyone to be eternally grateful for what you have, and hug your loved ones tonight. Also, if you possibly can, make a donation to help, no matter how small or large. Even if all bloggers gave up making one dish this week and donated the money instead it would make a huge difference.

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